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Signage is not in your face so when you step inside it's a nice surprise. Two tables & a few window stools. Espresso, cappucino, muffins and some quick bites is all you need sometimes. Great service and I'll be back to try the lox and...



We ventured in based on our working daughter's recommendation for a "something new" experience. It turned out to be a fun,casual,friendly and tasty experience. We go back often for breakfast (or second breakfast) and have had dinner there as well. They have a creative,flexible menu...



If you've been to Bayonne, you will know that it's filled with lots of diners and restaurants of various cuisines and bakeries. However, my fiancé and I started visiting the Perk Up Cafe in the late spring and it's turned out to be one of...



Stranded in Bayonne for much of the day - cab driver took us to this place because he knew the owners and they had free wi-fi. :) We were EXCEPTIONALLY well taken care of. Started the morning with great specialty coffees for the 4 of...

Specializing in coffee, tea and sandwiches.

Popular Menu Items

Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich
Brewed Coffee
Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese
Iced Brewed Coffee
Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

About Perk Up Cafe and reviews