Refreshing melon and tomato soup with goat's cheese crostini. Light, spicy and in 10 minutes on the table.

K For a moment the white in the eyes of the man was seen again. There it was - his favorite panic: fruit in the food. Even though we have already been through some positive examples of the combo "sweet/hearty" together, the subject is obviously strongly anchored in the brainstem and thus still one. So there was also with this refreshing melon and tomato soup with goat cheese crostini neat reaction again. Maybe you do not like the pizza service for dinner ...?

Nope. For anyone who has ever tasted a melon and tomato salad knows: The combination is just great! Juicy-sweet melon and ripe, aromatic tomato - the two are really the best buddies in terms of taste. And also as a refreshing, cold-served summer soup a real punch.

Twice as fantastic: The soup is ready-made in a few minutes and therefore perfect for anyone who does not feel like cooking (especially at high temperatures) to have. Chilled melon and tomatoes come with a few spices, vinegar and oil in the blender ... kkrrrchhhzzzzzchhhrrrr ... and 1 minute later, the whole thing is already ready to serve. Vitamins and other nutrients are optimally preserved and the kitchen stays clean. Who can say no to that?

You can decorate the soup with herbs, watercress, hot peppers or cucumber. A few drops of olive oil are also very good as a topping.

The frothy, velvety melon and tomato soup goes well with a little crunch as an accompaniment: In the toaster, a few slices of baguette turn into crusty crostini in an instant. These are then lavishly spread with creamy goat's cream cheese, which has been given by a spoonful of maple syrup before quickly an extra taste kick.

So - the perfect summer soup is available in less than 10 minutes on the table. And makes something really visually. That's why the man finally dared to. And was very pleased. So we got around to the pizza service again.

And what do you say? Pizza or melon tomato?

Have it yummy!

Refreshing melon and tomato soup with goat's cheese crostini | Refreshing melon and tomato soup with goat's cheese crostini |

The recipe for a refreshing melon and tomato soup with goat's cheese crostini

ingredients for 4 servings:

600 g watermelon, from the shellless refrigerator
600 g ripe tomatoes, from the fridge
1 tablespoon maple syrup
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons Aivar mild, from the glass (paprika sauce)
1 clove garlic - plenty of salt and a little pepper

1 small baguette
100 g goat cheese
1-2 tablespoon of maple syrup

Optional for deco:
Olive oil, chopped peppers, mini cucumbers, cress etc .

And here's how it works:

Cut melon and tomato into big pieces Purée with maple syrup, red wine vinegar, olive oil, Aivar, garlic and salt and pepper in a blender until the soup is slightly frothy. Season and possibly season with vinegar, maple syrup or salt. Cold.

Slice the baguette into slices at an angle. Toast toast in the toaster.

Mix the goat cheese with the maple syrup and spread generously on the crostini.

Pour the melon and tomato soup into bowls and drizzle with a little olive oil. At will with vegetables, herbs or similar. Decorate.

Serve the goat cheese crostini with the soup.